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Chevrolet launched five new Orlando variants in China featuring 48V mild hybrid technology. The additions include a choice of five- and seven-seat models as well as sporty Redline variants, with a selection of six exterior colors. They are priced between RMB 136,900 and RMB 159,900 (US$19,350 to $22,600).


The Orlando was launched in China in September 2018. The new variants maintain the new-generation 1.35L Ecotec dual-jet turbocharged engine and six-speed DSS start/stop transmission. They add a 48V mild hybrid system consisting of a 48V motor, 48V power battery, power management module and hybrid control unit.

The system has five working modes: Auto Start, E-boost, Smart Charge, Brake Energy Regeneration and E-idle.

As a result of the mild hybrid system, the Orlando 48V provides a more powerful, smoother and quieter driving experience when starting, accelerating, cruising and braking. Its fuel consumption is as low as 6.1 liters/100 kilometers (38.5 mpg US), which is a 9% improvement over the model with a standard powertrain. It meets the China 6 B emission standard.

The Orlando also comes with Chevrolet’s new MyLink+ in-vehicle infotainment system, which innovatively integrates mobile phone connectivity with OnStar to support an array of entertainment features and functions.

Chevrolet introduced its first model in China with 48V mild hybrid technology, the Monza 48V, in May.


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