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The City of Fort Worth, Texas has approved a $68.9-million economic incentive package for electric-motor-manufacturer Linear Labs (earlier post) to further solidify the city as the next tech innovation hub. Linear Labs plans to secure a 500,000-square-foot facility for advanced, smart manufacturing to support thousands of new, skilled jobs over the next 10 years.

The research and production center will create electric motors for industries as diverse as electric vehicles (EVs), robotics, HVAC, and last-mile micromobility, in addition to various industrial applications.

Fort Worth is our home and we can see the strategic moves the city is making to shape its infrastructure into the next major technology hub. The area offers a highly skilled talent pool with world-renowned universities and innovative companies including Lockheed Martin, Bell Flight, and American Airlines. These resources, now combined with the city’s endorsement, shows us we have chosen the right place to build the foundation for our future.

—Brad Hunstable, Co-Founder and CEO of Linear Labs

LL was established in 2013 after developing an entirely new methodology in the construction of electric motor and generator technologies that create more power while using less energy. The Linear Labs motor is characterized by two main attributes: (1) very high torque starting at low speeds; and (2) high efficiency throughout the speed range.

The Linear Labs motor—the Hunstable Electric Turbine (HET)—is an exterior permanent magnet circumferential flux 4 rotor machine. Innovative concepts are introduced in the magnetic structure and operation at the core of the HET, resulting in large amount of torque generation.

  • 3D flux path. The HET’s circumferential 3D magnetic architecture produces four active torque producing areas with all sides having the same polarity.

  • Copper savings. Toroidally discrete would coils maximize sstator slot fill factor to approximately 90%. As much as 30% of the typical copper needed is reduced by eliminating end windings and having all the copper involved in torque production.

  • Large Lorentz force. The HET produces a large Lorentz force component and a large reluctance force that peak simultaneously. By extending the length of the magnetic tunnel region, the torque that is present throughout the coils travels without regard to the coils at pole face length. Unlike existing conventional machines where torque is only present at an optimum point as it approaches a magnetic pole, the HET has no single optimum point but rather all positions exhibit maximum torque.

The formal agreement between Linear Labs and the City of Fort Worth was approved by the City Council in a public session at Fort Worth City Hall. The proposal was approved in a majority vote, and is the first partnership of its kind between Fort Worth and a private entity centered around research and development, with the economic incentive package aimed to stimulate US employment within Texas, specifically in the fast-growing Fort Worth metropolitan region.

The new Linear Labs facility will serve as both a research and development center, as well as a manufacturing location to produce electric motors through advanced processes including automation that will continuously evolve as manufacturing technology evolves. Dark Factory methodology will be implemented to allow for robotic automation with human oversight, increasing efficiency of production and personnel safety, while also creating additional jobs for skilled workers.


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