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Tesla Model S Long Range Plus now EPA-rated for 402 miles

Tesla’s Model S Long Range Plus now carries an official EPA-rated range of 402 miles—a 20% increase compared to a 2019 Model S 100D with the same battery pack design. This is the first US EV to break the 400-mile range mark.


The company said that the achievement is realized through several changes, both iterative and transformational, in core hardware and system architecture development by the Tesla engineering, design and production teams. These changes went into production earlier this year with the production of the Model S Long Range Plus at Fremont. All Model S Long Range Plus vehicles will receive the new 402-mile rating.

Significant mass reduction. Several lessons from the engineering design and manufacturing of Model 3 and Model Y have now been carried over to Model S and Model X. This has unlocked new areas of mass reduction while maintaining the premium feel and performance of both vehicles. Additional weight savings have also been achieved through the standardization of Tesla’s in-house seat manufacturing and lighter weight materials used in battery pack and drive units.

New “Tempest” aero wheels and tires. The newest 8.5 inch-wide aero wheels reduce aerodynamic drag compared to the previous wheels on Model S Long Range, and when paired with a new custom tire specifically engineered to reduce rolling resistance, add a 2% improvement to overall range.

Increased drive unit efficiency. Tesla replaced the mechanical oil pump in the rear AC-induction drive unit with an electric oil pump that optimizes lubrication independent of vehicle speed to reduce friction. Further improvements to the gearbox in the front permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motors shared with Model 3 and Model Y have resulted in a further increase of 2% more range while driving on the highway.

Maximizing regenerative braking. The newest drive feature, HOLD, blends the motor’s regenerative braking with physical brakes to bring the cars to a stop by easing off of the accelerator pedal. To bring the car to a stop smoothly, regenerative braking now works at a lower speed and deceleration rate, sending more energy back to the battery pack while simultaneously enabling a driving experience like no other car.

Model S Long Range Plus has also recently received a price reduction of $5,000. Purchase price for the Model S Long Range Plus is $74,990. Potential incentives can lower that price.



400 miles in an EV is quite something.
Pity they (and the model 3) cost so much in Ireland.

Incredibly impressive, especially the price reduction.

Legacy OEMs have a lot of catching up to do.

I’m personally a fan of charging at home daily, but for people who don’t have a garage, carport or driveway, 400 mile range enables ~20k annual miles with once a week charging. An hour charging session while you shop and you’re done.


The new Ford EV is giving some free charging,
the owners could charge long trips for free for years.


400 miles could make the difference for anyone in the central US (" flyover country", or "EV charging desert". ) Then again, this is a VERY expensive vehicle, and they won't sell many in the center of the US anyway. Incomes are higher in the NE and west coast. And from an environmental perspective, the bigger a battery a vehicle has, the larger environmental impact. Most people are just carrying around a huge battery that the only use a few percent of the time. Various studies show a PHEV can be better for many driving scenarios.

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