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The BMW Group now has a contractual agreement with it cell manufacturers so that they will use only green power to produce BMW’s fifth-generation battery cells, according to BMW AG Management Board Chairman Oliver Zipse.

The production of high-voltage batteries is energy-intensive, and accounts for up to 40% of a fully electric vehicle’s CO2 emissions come from battery cell production alone. Depending on where they are produced and the electricity mix used there, about a third of these emissions come from power consumption directly at the cell manufacturer, Zipse said.

This is a major and very effective lever for reducing CO2—so that is precisely where we are focusing our efforts.

—Oliver Zipse

BMW is introducing fifth-generation cells later this year with the BMW iX3; the technology will then roll out across the product line-up, including the BMW iNEXT and BMW i4 next year.

As volumes increase, the use of green power will save around ten million tonnes of CO2 over the next decade. For comparison, that is roughly the amount of CO2 a city of over a million inhabitants, like Munich, emits per year.

—Oliver Zipse


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