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DOT: 89% reduction in US airline passengers in May 2020 y-o-y

US airlines carried 89% fewer scheduled service passengers in May 2020 than in May 2019, according to preliminary data filed with the Bureau of Transportation Statistics (BTS) by 20 airlines that carry more than 90% of the passengers.

Preliminary Air Traffic

Source: DOT BTS.

Despite the large drop from May 2019, US airlines carried more than twice as many passengers in May 2020 than in April 2020.

The 89% decline in the number of passengers would be the second largest year-to-year decrease following the 96% decline from April 2019 to April 2020.

The large airlines carried 7.9 million passengers in May 2020, up from 3.0 million passengers on all US airlines in April, which was the lowest monthly total in BTS records dating back to 1974. The previous low was 14.6 million passengers in February 1975.

Preliminary May 2020 passenger numbers (20 carriers reporting):

  • Total: 9 million passengers, down 89% from May 2019 (74.8M)

  • Domestic: 7.8 million passengers, down 88% from May 2019 (65.3M)

  • International: 182 thousand passengers, down 98% from May 2019 (9.9M)



I wonder what the drop in flights was ?
Nothing like the 89% passengers, I would think.
They need a way of folding passengers from several airlines into a single one for long haul flights, like New York to London.
The airlines would have to rotate around so everyone gets to fly (and gets paid) - a bit.
I hear of planes flying form the USA to Europe with 20 people on them - that is madness.
With the infection numbers rising as soon as they allow international travel, I can see this going on for quite a while, no mater what Michael O'Leary and others might want.


Who wants to be in an enclosed cabin with recirculated air?

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