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Volkswagen’s new European charging service has 150K+ public charging points

Volkswagen is rolling out its own charging service to coincide with the market launch of the ID. family. With We Charge, customers will be able to charge their electric vehicles at more than 150,000 public charging points all over Europe.

The We Charge charging card gives them easy access to these charging points. Customers have a choice of three individual tariffs with features such as exclusive conditions for the IONITY high-power charging network. We Charge can be booked and used from mid-August. Volkswagen is thus rounding off its “charging ecosystem” that makes charging electric vehicles as convenient as possible.


The charging tariffs are tailored to the different user groups. The We Charge Free basic tariff does not have a monthly fee. It essentially provides access to charging via a single charging card, and is best suited to drivers who only rarely use public charging points to charge their electric cars.

We Charge Go offers lower prices for individual charging processes and is the right choice for regular users of public charging points.

We Charge Plus is the tariff for all frequent drivers. For example, they only pay 30 eurocent per kilowatt-hour for IONITY in Germany and can therefore use the pan-European high-power charging network at a very attractive price.

We Charge offers numerous digital functions relating to charging, all of which can be used via the We Connect ID. app. With the app, users can easily locate all available We Charge charging points. The app also provides important information on charging price and charging point availability (free / in use).

Going forward, the app will also give users the option to only show charging points that operate on green power. The intelligent route guidance takes into account available charging points as well as the chosen charging strategy. That is particularly useful for planning long routes. Furthermore, We Charge gives users of the ID. Charger Connect / Pro, Volkswagen’s smart wallbox for home charging, access to additional useful online services such as charging statistics, access management or remote control.



that's expensive. I pay 0.035/kwh off peak at home to charge my PHEV.


VW is doing the right thing, chargers are important.
People will pay a premium for quick charging.

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