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Southern California Edison has set fleet electrification goals for 2030: 100% of its light-duty vehicles, 30% of medium-duty vehicles, 8% of heavy-duty vehicles, and 60% of forklifts.

SCE estimates that in pursuing its 2030 fleet electrification goals, it will save more than 620,000 gallons of fuel annually and eliminate close to 6,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions a year, or the same amount that would be saved by taking 7,600 cars off the road for a year or planting and growing nearly 600,000 trees for 10 years.

As we encourage our customers to consider fleet electrification, it is critical for our company and our industry to continue to show leadership in this area. Setting goals to electrify our own fleet is one more way to show that we remain committed to making the changes necessary to clean our air and reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

—Drew Murphy, senior vice president of Strategy and Corporate Development for Edison International, SCE’s parent company

Edison International laid out the 2030 goals for electrification of SCE’s fleet of more than 6,200 vehicles, including trailers and off-road equipment, in its recently published 2019 Sustainability Report. To meet the demands of its growing electric fleet, SCE has installed more than 370 charge ports at its facilities as of 2019. The electric company expects to need about 1,300 additional charge ports to achieve its 2030 fleet electrification goals.

In Pathway 2045, SCE’s data-driven analysis of what it will take for California to attain its goal of being carbon neutral by 2045, the company calls for the electrification of 76% of light-duty vehicles, 67% of medium-duty vehicles and 38% of heavy-duty vehicles in the state over the next 25 years.

The company encourages employees to adopt electric vehicles by offering 190 workplace charge ports at 36 of its facilities and plans to install about 150 additional employee charge ports this year. SCE employees and customers also have access to discounts on certain EV models.

In 2019, 12% of SCE’s fleet acquisition spend was invested in EVs and plug-in technologies, and 13% of its overall fleet incorporated plug-in electric technology.

SCE is replacing its 310-forklift fleet with electric versions to reduce air and sound pollution. To date, 151 vehicles in the forklift fleet, or 47%, are electric.

Southern California Edison, the largest subsidiary of Edison International, provides 14 million people with electricity across a service territory of approximately 50,000 square miles.



SCE has lots of customers and a big organization, good news.

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