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The City of Richmond, CA and Volta to offer free public EV charging

The City of Richmond is partnering with EV charging network company Volta. Volta will provide the first free electric vehicle charging stations on a public right-of-way in California that are not funded by taxpayer dollars. The stations are located next to the BART parking garage at 1501 MacDonald Avenue.

City of Richmond

Volta’s digital, place-based media allows brand partners to reach high-value audiences in historically unavailable locations, while simultaneously driving the mission of sustainability forward.

Volta’s charging stations provide advertising space to businesses and free charging to drivers. Strategically located in places where consumers already spend their time and money, Volta’s chargers are currently the most used electric vehicle charging stations in the United States, according to the company.



How do they prevent people plugging in and parking all day ?
They had free charging in Dublin, but people ended up leaving their cars plugged in all day as it cost nothing.
Maybe the parking isn't free, even if the charging is.

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