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Groupe PSA introduces new eVMP platform (Electric Vehicle Modular Platform) for C- and D-segment vehicles

Between 2020 and 2025, Groupe PSA will gradually move from two multi-energy platforms to two 100% electrified platforms to support its e-mobility development. The newly introduced eVMP (Electric Vehicle Modular Platform) platform will serve as the basis for a wide range of electric vehicles for the C- and D- segments.


eVMP will offer high-performance with a range of up to 650 km (404 miles) (WLTP cycle) and a benchmark storage capacity with 50 kWh per meter available within the wheelbase.

The group will launch electric vehicles in C- and D-segments from sedan to SUV in different regions of the world from 2023. These vehicles will benefit from this new reference platform, the eVMP.

eVMP concentrates all the Groupe PSA's engineering know-how with 60 to 100 kWh of embedded energy and an optimized architecture that exploits the entire sub-floor for the battery. By storing 50 kWh per meter within the wheelbase, it will therefore be able to offer an all-electric range from 400 km to 650 km (WLTP cycle) depending on the body.

In order to provide a high-performance solution adapted to each mobility need anywhere in the world, hybrid derivatives may be offered on certain markets on the basis of this platform.

In addition to high level of technical performance, the efficiency of eVMP also lies in the optimization of R&D and industrialization costs. This is achieved through the use of certain sub-assemblies and existing high-performance battery modules.

This platform complements parts developed and manufactured with Groupe PSA or with its e-motors or ACC Joint venture.


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