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DOE awards $97M to 33 bioenergy research and development projects

The US Department of Energy (DOE) announced more than $97 million in funding for 33 projects that will support high-impact technology research and development to accelerate the bioeconomy. These projects will improve the performance and lower the cost and risk of technologies that can be used to produce biofuels, biopower, and bioproducts from biomass and waste resources.

The selected projects will address a variety of research and development areas, including:

  • Scale-up of bench applications to reduce scale-up risks for biofuel and bioproduct processes;

  • Waste-to-energy strategies including strategies for municipal solid waste, wet wastes, like food and manures, and municipal waste water treatment;

  • Cost reduction of algal biofuels by improving carbon efficiency and by employing direct air capture technologies;

  • Quantification of the economic and environmental benefits associated with growing energy crops, focusing on restoring water quality and soil health;

  • Development and testing of low-emission, high-efficiency residential wood heaters;

  • Innovative technologies to manage major forms of urban and suburban waste, with a focus on using plastic waste to make recycled products and using wastes to produce low-cost biopower; and

  • Scalable CO2 electrocatalysis technologies.

Selectee Project title Federal share
Topic 1:Scale-Up of Bench Applications
University of Alabama Innovation and optimization of the Szego Mill for reliable, efficient, and successful up-scaling of the deacetylation and mechanical refining process for biofuel production $3,053,043
University of North Dakota Scale-Up of the Primary Conversion Reactor to Generate a Lignin-Derived Cyclohexane Jet Fuel $3,745,000
Earth Energy Renewables, LLC Scale-up and Qualification of Net-Zero Sustainable Aviation Fuels from Wet Waste $4,000,000
Global Algae Innovations Scale-up of Novel Algae Drying and Extraction Unit Operations $4,000,000
North Carolina State University Scaling Up Biocrude Derived Anode Material (BDAM) $3,999,938
Oregon State University Microchannel Reactor for Ethanol to n-Butene Conversion $4,000,000
Research Triangle Institute Integrated Separations to Improve Biocrude Recovery for Biofuels and Bioproducts $3,690,002
Georgia Institute of Technology Conversion of 2,3-Butanediol to Biojet Fuel: Scale-up and Technoeconomic Analysis of Energy-Efficient Separations and Fermentative Diol Production $3,001,359
Topic 2: Waste to Energy Strategies for the Bioeconomy
AMP Robotics Artificial Neural Network for MSW Characterization $1,886,922
Gas Technology Institute Decontamination of Non-recyclable MSW and Preprocessing for Conversion to Diesel $2,500,000
UHV Technologies Advanced Sensing for Characterization and Sorting of Non-Recyclable Plastics Using Sensor Fusion with Artificial Intelligence $2,500,000
University of Cincinnati High Precision Sorting, Fractionation, and Formulation of Municipal Solid Waste for Biochemical Conversion $2,089,767
University of Maryland - College Park Innovative Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA) Production with Microbial Electrochemical Technology (MET) Incorporation for Community-Scale Waste Valorization $1,985,230
Princeton University Synergistic Thermo-Microbial-Electrochemical (T-MEC) Approach for Drop-In Fuel Production from Wet Waste $2,500,000
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Process Optimization and Real-Time Control for Synergistic Microalgae Cultivation and Wastewater Treatment $2,000,000
Utah State University Synergistic Municipal Wastewater Treatment Using a Rotating Algae Biofilm Reactor $1,877,735
Topic 3: Algae Bioproducts and CO2 Direct-Air-Capture Efficiency
Global Algae Innovations Production of Algae Biofuel and Bioproducts with CO2 Direct Air Capture $2,000,000
Montana State University Transforming High pH/High Alkalinity Cultivation through Beneficial Microbiomes and Improved Pond Design $2,000,000
Arizona State University ASU’s Polymer-enhanced Cyanobacterial Bioproductivity (AUDACity) $1,999,051
University of California - San Diego Biomolecular Films for Direct Air Capture of CO2 $2,000,000
MicroBio Engineering, Inc. Microalgae Commodities Production with a Direct Air Capture Process $1,999,882
Lumen Bioscience, Incorporated Alkaline Carbon Capture and Expression-Streamlined Spirulina Cultivated in Air for Reliable Bioproducts, Oil, and Nutrition $2,000,000
Duke University Development of High Value Bioproducts and Enhancement of Direct-Air-Capture Efficiency with a Marine Algae Biofuel Production System $1,967,473
Topic 4: Bio-Restore: Biomass to Restore Natural Resources
University of Nebraska - Lincoln EXCHANGE: Expanding the Conversion of Habitat in the Northern Great Plains Ecosystem $3,200,000
Mississippi State University PoSIES: Populus in the Southeast for Integrated Ecosystem Services $2,035,602
University of Florida Evaluation of Energycane for Bioenergy and Sustainable Agricultural Systems (EC-BioSALTS) $3,992,520
Topic 5: Efficient Wood Heaters
NTRE Tech LLC Advanced Low-Emission Residential Fluid-Bed Biomass Combustor $2,431,05
Ohio State University Simulation-Driven Design Optimization and Automation for Cordwood-Fueled Room Heaters $2,500,000
Topic 6: Biopower and Products from Urban and Suburban Wastes: North American Multi-University Partnership for Research and Education
University of Michigan Integrated biochemical and electrochemical technologies (IBET) to convert organic waste to biopower via North American research and educational partnerships $5,000,000
University of Wisconsin at Madison Multi-University Center on Chemical Upcycling of Waste Plastics (CUWP) $10,000,000
Topic 7: Scalable CO2 Electrocatalysis
Dioxide Materials Electrolyzers For CO2 Conversion from BioSources $2,500,000
University of Delaware Electrochemical Production of Formic Acid from Carbon Dioxide in Solid Electrolytes $2,497,686
Opus 12 PEM CO2 Electrolyzer Scaleup to enable MW-Scale Electrochemical Modules $2,500,000


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