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CATL to supply batteries to Trailer Dynamics for Newton e-Trailer; 300 kWh LFP pack

Contemporary Amperex Technology Co. Limited (CATL) and Germany-based Trailer Dynamics GmbH (Trailer Dynamics) signed a battery supply agreement for a new way to electrify long-haul trucks. According to the agreement, CATL will develop, manufacture, and supply batteries for the Newton eTrailer, which will launch in 2023 to promote sustainable road transport development in Europe.

The Newton e-Trailer replaces one of the trailer’s conventional non-powered axles with an electric axle. In combination with the diesel vehicle, the entire tractor-trailer system is converted into an electric plug-in hybrid.


Together with adaptive aerodynamics developed by Trailer Dynamics and the intelligent control strategy for the electric auxiliary drive, significant CO2 emission reductions will be achieved and diesel savings in average of 40% are possible.

The Newton eTrailer, Trailer Dynamics’s first electric semi-trailer model, is designed to respond to the driving behavior of its coupled tractor using integrated electric drive trains and provides support for it through an integrated electric transmission system, managing the electrical energy resources intelligently along the entire route.


Both sides creatively apply the batteries to semi-trailers, while improving efficiency and also lowering operating expenses.

To meet the requirements of high efficiency under the complex working conditions for long-haul trucks, CATL is developing a 300 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery with cell to pack (CTP) technology and cooling liquid for the Newton eTrailer.

The LFP chemistry system features an extraordinarily long cycle life and a high thermal runaway temperature threshold of up to 800 °C. Together with liquid cooling technology, it enables products’ outstanding performance in safety and reliability, as well as a wide working temperature range.

Applying the advanced CTP technology, the Newton eTrailer has a higher product efficiency and can achieve 155Wh/kg system energy density.

Further discussion of cooperation on future models is being expanded between CATL and Trailer Dynamics.



Electric powered axle is a good way to go,
this could be used on many trucks.


Once again, batteries are the enabling technology for solving the transition problems to sustainable clean energy. And, as the technology progresses, we can expect increases in capacity and power, along with a decrease in cost and size, which will be ongoing for decades...just like the in the semiconductor industry.
This progression will lead the trucking industry to become a clean, economy entity and a partner to clean air advocacy rather than the gross polluter it is today.


El articulo esta equivocado, hagan el favor de correjirlo que lleváis así Días. El pack es de 200kwh brutos y 150kwh netos "utilizables". En la fuente de Trailer dynamics lo pone bien claro.......... Por cierto viva el Castellano la 2 lengua más hablada del planeta " El Inglés no lo es todo afortunadamente ".


English is everything...

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