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Eaton introduces InfiniTrac electronic limited slip differential

Power management company Eaton has introduced InfiniTrac, an electronically controlled, hydraulically actuated, variable-bias limited-slip differential that delivers optimized vehicle performance at any speed and traction condition.


InfiniTrac provides a wide range of functionality for passenger vehicles. It operates as an open differential until needed, and then applies the necessary torque to respond to varying speeds and changing road conditions.

Unlike most competing differentials, InfiniTrac does not require a dedicated electronic control unit, as it is able to use one of a vehicle’s existing electronic control units to reduce costs. InfiniTrac is capable of packaging in beam and independent rear suspension (IRS) axles without a special carrier for most current production applications.

With options for both front and rear axles, it provides enhanced vehicle dynamics and is compatible with active chassis systems, such as anti-lock braking systems or stability control.

InfiniTrac can operate automatically without driver intervention, preemptively adapting to various off-road surfaces through a driver-selectable switch.

InfiniTrac uses standard gear oil and is virtually maintenance-free. A gerotor pump powered by a difference in wheel speed is controlled by an electronic control unit that delivers torque to the wheels with traction. When there is no difference in wheel speed, the system is inactive.



The better alternative to a mechanical differential is two electric motors controlled by computer vectoring; one driving each wheel...less losses.


Absolutely right.


Efficiently and qualitatively analyzed, it is the better solution and far less prone to failure; but all that is bad for business because it requires far less preventive and corrective maintenance.

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