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Novvi LLC begins production of 100% renewable base oils & process oils

Novvi LLC announced the successful start-up of its Deer Park, TX plant, where it is manufacturing and marketing 100% renewable base oils (NovaSpec Base Oils) for the lubricants industry, and 100% renewable process oils for polymer, adhesives, and personal care industries. Novvi is a joint venture of Amyris, Inc., Cosan, American Refining Group, Chevron, and H&R created to develop, produce, market, and distribute high-performance oils and lubricants from renewable sources.

Although Novvi products can be made from any plant sugar, including cellulosic sugars, its current products are made from sustainably grown Brazilian sugarcane.

Sugarcane syrup is used to produce Biofene (β-farnesene), a renewable hydrocarbon molecule certified by the Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB).

Novvi added key processing steps and debottlenecked capabilities to make the Deer Park facility a fully stand-alone site and enabled production of these 100% renewable and sustainable product lines.

In lubricants, Novvi also actively engaged automotive OEMs to address their needs to enable future low viscosity 0W-12, and 0W-16 automotive lubricants that also deliver improved performance, reduced carbon footprint, and a more sustainable product lifecycle.

In addition, Novvi’s Deer Park plant establishes a technology platform to take its fluids into a range of process oil and fluid applications where crude oil-based fluids are being replaced by renewable, sustainable fluids. This includes fluids for use in electric vehicles, polymers, thermoplastic elastomers, adhesives, personal care, and beauty products as well as a range of wax applications.

A range of renewable base oils, solvents, process oils, and other products are being shipped from the plant now and will continue to ramp up during the remainder of the year.


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