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A study to advance regional understanding of the role hydrogen could play in the Maritimes’ energy transition is now underway as part of a collaborative effort being led by OERA and funded by Heritage Gas Limited, Liberty Utilities, the Nova Scotia Department of Energy & Mines and the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency.

Study coordinator OERA is an independent, impartial, not-for-profit research organization that facilitates research aimed at encouraging the sustainable development of energy resources.

This study is one way we are evaluating options to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 in the Maritimes. It will investigate hydrogen’s potential contribution to our region’s sustainable development goals, including creating hydrogen from local raw materials, transportation, storage and ultimate end uses both locally and in export markets.

—OERA Executive Director Alisdair McLean

Zen Clean Energy Solutions—the successful bidder in the recent RFP process related to this study—has initiated work and is currently evaluating how green and blue hydrogen production could support the region’s broad energy policy objectives around climate change, economic growth and sustainably developing energy resources.

Zen will review all aspects of hydrogen from creation to end-use, evaluating economic and technical constraints and opportunities as hydrogen use and production scales up over time in the Maritimes.

Details of the study’s findings will be publicly available once it is complete by fall 2020.

The Maritimes is a region of Eastern Canada comprising three provinces: New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island (PEI).


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