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ComEd to replace all LDVs in fleet with electrified vehicles by 2030

ComEd’s new fleet electrification plan calls for replacing all of its light duty vehicles with electrified vehicles (EVs and PHEVs) by 2030.

ComEd will replace end-of-life internal combustion vehicles with plug-in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, reducing fuel and maintenance costs and creating savings that will be passed on to customers. By 2025, all of the company’s light duty vehicles (LDVs) approaching the end of their life cycle will be replaced with electric vehicles, and all LDVs will be electrified by 2030.

ComEd’s current fleet of 3,000 vehicles includes 1,400 biodiesel-fueled line trucks and another 430 units that are capable of running on high-level ethanol-gasoline blends, or E85. More than 200 of its vehicles have electric hybrid or plug-in hybrid electric systems and another 10 are all-electric vehicles.

ComEd plans to electrify 30% of its fleet by 2025. This will eliminate 2,000 metric tons of GHG emissions, in addition to the 4,000 metric tons that the ComEd fleet already avoids annually. The company’s goal of electrifying 50% of its entire fleet by 2030 has the potential to eliminate an additional 29,000 metric tons of GHG emissions.

There are now 21,885 EVs registered in Illinois, up from fewer than 8,000 registered EVs in 2017, according to the Secretary of State’s office. In addition to environmental benefits, key factors driving the growing popularity of EVs include lower operating costs compared to gas-powered cars. ComEd has recently introduced an EV Toolkit that provides information on savings, benefits and incentives for the purchase of electric vehicles, along with an overview of EV brands and models, rate options, EV chargers and a public charging station locator by zip code.

ComEd is a unit of Chicago-based Exelon Corporation, a Fortune 100 energy company with approximately 10 million electricity and natural gas customers—the largest number of customers in the US. ComEd powers the lives of more than 4 million customers across northern Illinois, or 70% of the state’s population.


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