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Radom buys 9 more electric Solaris buses

The operator Miejskie Przedsiębiorstwo Komunikacji (MPK) in Radom, Poland has ordered 9 additional Solaris Urbino 12 electric with the pertinent charging infrastructure. Worth nearly 28.5 million PLN (US$7.7 million), the contract will be carried out by mid-July 2021. This year, ten Solaris electric buses have made it to Radom.


Apart from vehicles, the new contract covers also the supply of a technical vehicle with a mobile charger, five mobile dual chargers of 2x40 kW each and the construction of a fast-charging pantograph station of 250 kW at the bus terminus at Królowej Jadwigi street.

The carrier has chosen Solaris High Power batteries with a total capacity of more than 120 kWh. The buses will be propelled by axles with two integrated traction motors with a power of 125 kW each. By day, the fast recharging of energy will be handled by means of a five-pole roof-mounted pantograph. At night, it will be possible to use conventional plug-in charging at the bus depot.

Each Urbino 12 electric for Radom will hold concurrently up to 75 passengers, including 30 seated ones. Two dual USB charging ports for mobile devices, located in the passenger compartment, will mark yet another improvement designed for the travellers. With its 2+2+2 layout, the doors will feature LED-illuminated entrance thresholds. The passenger detection system will facilitate hands-free opening and closing of doors for passengers.

The vehicles will also feature a space fitted with a safety strap system for

passengers in wheelchairs or travelling with prams or pushchairs, and a ramp with anti-skid strips easing the entry will be installed at the middle-door of each model.

Thermal comfort in buses will be ensured by the only automatic system fueled with compressed natural gas (CNG) of this type in Poland, whereas on warmer days the job will be done by an efficient air conditioning working in both the passenger compartment and in the driver’s work place, i.e. a closed cab, separating the driver from passengers.

The cooperation between Solaris and MPK in Radom dates back to 1998. Since then, the Polish manufacturer has delivered 164 buses to this Masovian city. The sale of electric buses is growing dynamically in Poland, which makes this country fifth in the European Union in terms of the number of electric buses in cities. More than 76% of all electric buses carrying passengers in Polish cities have been made by Solaris.


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