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Mahindra and REE Automotive to establish a strategic collaboration for the development of electric commercial vehicles

Mahindra & Mahindra and REE Automotive signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to explore development and manufacturing of electric commercial vehicles for global markets.

Such a strategic collaboration will leverage REE’s electric vehicle corner module and platform technology of integrating powertrain, suspension and steering components in the arch of a vehicle wheel. This will be coupled with Mahindra’s well-established vehicle design, engineering, sourcing capability and manufacturing assets.

The REE corner integrates all drive components into the arch of the wheel. Each corner is completely independent and powered by the REEboard ECU controlling advanced x-by-wire technology:

  • Fully sprung high RPM electric motor
  • Single wheel steer-by-wire technology
  • Single wheel brake-by-wire technology
  • Multi-ratio high efficiency drivetrain
  • High power ECU architecture
  • Preventive maintenance AI
  • OTA updates


The partnership will support REE’s global customer need for 200,000-250,000 electric commercial vehicle units over a few years, including potential Mahindra’s domestic and international volumes. Production would be scaled further to support additional volume in the global as well as Indian market.

Our collaboration with REE has the potential to bring a disruptive approach to a new age of vehicles capitalizing on our respective strengths. The competitive advantages of REE’s corner modular architecture with our experience in conventional vehicle system design, engineering, sourcing ecosystem and significant production capacity, provides a perfect match to deliver exciting zero emission vehicles, including autonomous vehicles, that can meet customer needs as never before.

—Rajesh Jejurikar, Executive Director (Auto and Farm Sectors), Mahindra & Mahindra

REE’s architecture will enhance Mahindra’s capabilities in the electric vehicle sector. REE will leverage Mahindra’s global presence and its unique volume flexibility capability as well as its engineering and product development expertise.

REE’s technology is designed for current and future e-mobility applications, including autonomous vehicles, and offers significant benefits in terms of weight, space and total body design flexibility.

The scalability of the platform makes it suited for any form of electric vehicle such as commercial vehicles, mid-duty delivery trucks, last mile delivery, passenger cars, taxis and shuttles.


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A Roxor Off Road EV for $20k would be outstanding!


Mahindra needs to use its strength to priduce Electrical tractor at the earliest. Company is too slow on electrical front inspite of taking over electrical vehicle manufature and being first mover.Most of their vehicles are never attractive to look at . Company sales are going down on car front. Electrical vehicle is the future and company is too slow on this front.

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