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Bollinger Motors has unveiled its DELIVER-E all-electric delivery van concept. The DELIVER-E leverages the engineering, technology, and components used in the company’s product portfolio to deploy an electric van tailored for the delivery market.


The front-wheel drive, all-electric DELIVER-E features an extra low-load floor height and will be engineered to fit Classes 2B, 3, 4, and 5. The Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) within each class is significantly lower than gas and diesel versions on the road today.

We took our extensive Class 3 electrification knowledge and applied it to the delivery sector. Our DELIVER-E van gives commercial fleets the power to go green and save on ownership costs, while neighborhoods will benefit from a reduction in air and noise pollution.

—Robert Bollinger, CEO of Bollinger Motors


A wide selection of battery packs will be available, including 70, 105, 140, 175, and 210 kWh. Coupled with variable wheelbase lengths, the fleet customer will have a wide array of mileage range and price options to fit their specific needs.

DELIVER-E employs the same major components—including motors, battery, inverters, and gearboxes—as the rest of the Bollinger Motors lineup, and is based on a new platform created to address the specific needs of delivery vans.

Bollinger Motors will work with a manufacturing partner to build the DELIVER-E vans and trucks in the US. Production is slated for 2022.



The ground clearance looks very tight.

That is a good looking van.
Clever name.

Tom Paine

I think this van would be a big hit as a camper. When I camp here in California I see a lot of Mercedes Benz Sprinter vans. There are cheaper vans but I people buy the MB for the status. Throw some solar panels on top so you can camp for a while in remote locations without losing range.


This is the right product for these times.

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