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Hexagon Purus to supply Asian OEM with composite cylinders for H2 storage for FCEVs

Hexagon Purus, a subsidiary of Hexagon Composites, will supply composite cylinders to a leading Northeast Asian OEM for their current zero-emission Fuel Cell Electric SUV. Hexagon Purus’ cylinders will be installed in the vehicle model starting by 2022.

The two-year contract has an estimated sales value of €25 million. The nomination also positions Hexagon Purus for further projects within a large range of vehicle applications with this OEM. The supply contract is subject to final negotiations of terms and conditions.

Northeast Asia is among the largest automotive markets in the world in terms of size. Today the region dominates the global hydrogen economy with hydrogen cars, charging stations and fuel cell applications.

The first prototypes of the 700 bar high-pressure cylinders are due to be delivered by the end of this year.


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