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Living Vehicle and Volta Power Systems partner on luxury trailer; solar, EV charging, battery storage

Living Vehicle is partnering with Volta Power Systems on lithium-ion storage for the 2021 Living Vehicle luxury travel trailer that allows users to live off-grid and recharge electric vehicles (EVs). The Living Vehicle system offers up to 3080 watts of solar and 47.6 kWh of energy storage—the highest capacity lithium-ion system available in a luxury trailer. Living Vehicle owners can also charge their EVs using optional 240-volt exportable power.


Founded in 2017, Living Vehicle has seen customer demand meet their production run in the high-end trailer market for the last several years. More akin to a luxury apartment than an RV, the vehicle blends modern architecture with self-sufficient technology to enable a high-end, off-grid living experience.

The luxury trailers leverage advanced energy storage, redundant generation and water conservation technology to preserve and extend utility resources for days or weeks while still supporting high-power amenities such as air-conditioning, appliances and entertainment. Coupled with solar and optional liquid propane generation, Living Vehicle offers customers the opportunity to maximize their time off-grid.

Living Vehicle is releasing three different models for 2021, each with increasing Volta system sizes accompanied by solar power generation setups. The Volta system can charge from shore power, solar panels, an optional alternator (installed in a gasoline or diesel tow vehicle), or an optional Cummins generator. These layers of redundant power supply are essential for long-term health and safety in severe weather or natural disasters.

The Living Vehicle 2021 luxury travel trailers are available for reservation this month, with deliveries slated for early 2021.



This will be ideal for the coming Mad Max world

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