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The California Air Resources Board settled eight diesel cases totaling more than $130,000 for violations of the Truck and Bus Regulation in the Imperial Valley.

The Truck and Bus Regulation protects public health by reducing emissions of diesel particulate matter, oxides of nitrogen, and other pollutants from diesel-fueled vehicles. This regulation requires companies that hire or direct the operation of vehicles to verify that each hired fleet is compliant. Companies that hire non-compliant fleets undermine the regulation, and subject communities to unhealthy air quality conditions.

In spring of 2018, through the CalEPA Environmental Justice Task Force work in the Imperial Valley, CARB staff met with local residents to learn about community concerns related to air pollution. Community members expressed concerns about heavy-duty diesel traffic and compliance issues associated with cold storage facilities and drayage at the Calexico Port of Entry.

Based on the concerns, CARB targeted 35 facilities, from which staff initiated eight case investigations on brokers, in-state carriers, and persons hiring vehicles subject to the regulation.

The cases settled totaled $130,750, of which $20,375 will fund the installation of air filtration systems in schools in Calexico. All of the companies now comply with clean air regulations:

Company Penalty
A&U Mex-Export Inc. $40,750
Baja Freight Forwarders, Inc $5,250
Cargo Northwest Forwarders, Inc. $20,000
Casas International Brokerage, Inc. $5,000
Imperial Valley Foods, Inc. $6,500
Richard L Jones Calexico, Inc. $7,000
San Luis International Freight Services, LLC $30,000
Vilore Foods Company, Inc $16,250


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