CARB targets heavy-duty diesel vehicle noncompliance in the Imperial Valley
Hyundai expands NEXO fuel cell SUV availability in Northern California

Shell, Toyota and Honda plan expansion of hydrogen refueling network in California

On 4 September 2020, the California Energy Commission (CEC) posted a Notice of Proposed Award outlining subsidies to support hydrogen refueling infrastructure in California. Equilon Enterprises LLC (d/b/a Shell Oil Products US), hereafter referred to as Shell Hydrogen, participated as an applicant in the related Grant Funding Opportunity (GFO) and was awarded $40.8 million, subject to formal approval at a future CEC Business Meeting. (Earlier post.)

If successful, Shell Hydrogen will install hydrogen refueling equipment at 48 existing Shell retail stations, upgrade two current Shell Hydrogen stations and add light-duty fueling dispensers and positions at one existing Shell Hydrogen heavy-duty truck station.

Further, Toyota and Honda have agreed to expand Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) sales in California in support of these Shell Hydrogen stations.

The intended new stations join nine Shell hydrogen locations in the state, seven of which originated through a previous CEC award in 2017.

The expanded network expedites and increases the number of hydrogen refueling stations in support of growing the market for FCEVs, significantly reducing emissions from the transport sector, and providing customers with convenient and reliable access to cost-competitive fuel for a compelling value proposition.



That is coming nicely together, with Toyota in the process of expanding its production of fuel cell stacks ten fold in conjunction with the release of the new Mirai, which will not only have longer range but a true 5 seats, and some would argue has lost the ugly duckling looks, although personally I never minded the Manga inspired aesthetic of the original Mirai.

Notably absent from this is Hyundai, who have reaffirmed their commitment to FCEVs so I would guess are going for a separate initiative.


Clean Energy is using RNG which could be
reformed where it is dispensed.

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