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World premiere for Active Brake Assist 5 in new Mercedes-Benz Intouro coach

The all-new Mercedes-Benz Intouro inter-city and excursion coach features pioneering optional assistance systems such as Active Brake Assist 5 (an emergency braking assistance system) and Sideguard Assist.

The Mercedes-Benz Intouro, the new overland bus, is the first bus to feature the unique emergency braking assistance system Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5). As the first globally available emergency braking assistance system for buses, this optionally available assistance system can also effect an automated full-stop braking maneuver to avoid moving pedestrians.


In addition, ABA 5, like its predecessor system ABA 4, can automatically execute a full-stop braking maneuver to bring the vehicle to a standstill to avoid a stationary or moving obstacle.

Another optionally available item among the new safety equipment for the new Intouro is Sideguard Assist, the turning assistance system with pedestrian detection. It supports the driver primarily when making turns in built-up areas.


Radar-based Sideguard Assist warns about moving objects such as pedestrians or cyclists and also stationary obstacles. With both assistance systems, the new Intouro provides an unprecedented level of safety for buses. With ESP, the electronic safety program, as standard, and with other safety equipment, it combines all safety technologies currently available for buses.


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