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Ford confirms construction of Rouge EV center to be home of electric F-150; production by mid-2022

Ford celebrated the production start of the all-new F-150 at the Ford Rouge Center and confirmed construction of the new Rouge Electric Vehicle Center where it will build the all-electric F-150 by mid-2022.


Rendering of the Rouge Electric Vehicle Center.

The new manufacturing center at the Dearborn-based Rouge Center, once complete, will add 300 jobs and is part of a $700-million investment in building the all-new F-150 lineup, including the first F-150 PowerBoost hybrid. The new jobs will support battery assembly and production of the F-150 PowerBoost hybrid and fully electric F-150.

The electric F-150, which is undergoing tens of thousands of hours of torture testing and targeting millions of simulated, laboratory and real world test miles, will be more powerful than any F-150 available today and deliver commercial and personal customers the lowest expected lifetime total cost of operation among F-Series trucks. Additionally:

  • Ford will debut new technology on the electric F-150 that allows mobile power generation so customers can use their trucks as a power source for places from campsites to jobsites when needed.

  • The all-electric F-150 will feature dual electric motors targeted to deliver more horsepower and torque than any F-150 available today, the fastest acceleration, and the ability to tow heavy trailers.

  • Electric vehicles including the electric F-150 require significantly less maintenance than a typical gasoline engine, creating more than 40% savings for its lifetime total cost of operation.

  • A giant front trunk (frunk) on the electric F-150 adds even more cargo-carrying versatility and security to help protect and move valuable items.

  • Like the rest of the all-new F-150 lineup, the electric F-150 will continuously improve over time with fast over-the-air updates.

A newly released study from Boston Consulting Group (BCG) found F-Series, America’s best-selling truck since 1977, is among the most valuable consumer goods in America and a key employment driver. Among the specific findings:

  • Up to 14 US jobs are supported by each direct Ford F-Series employee. This equates to about 500,000 total jobs attributable to Ford’s F-Series alone. Overall, Ford supports 1 million US jobs.

  • Of the more than two million full-sized pickup trucks assembled in the US last year, Ford assembled nearly half—twice as many as any other automaker.

  • The best-selling F-Series contributed nearly $50 billion to the US GDP.

  • The F-Series franchise alone generates more revenue than major companies such as McDonalds, Nike, Coca-Cola, Visa and Netflix.



Hybrid/EV F150s will be a big seller.


I think that the EV F-150s will be a big seller to contractors as the overall cost per mile will be lower and the ability to have power at the job site will be a big plus. Most of these probably travel less than 70 or 80 miles per day.


Whatever works for cleaner air and less imported oil.

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