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Sweden introduces GHG reduction mandate for aviation fuel for 2021, increasing to 27% in 2030

Sweden has an ambitious target of being fossil-free by 2045. As a part of the initiative, the Swedish Government announced on 11 September the introduction of a greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction mandate for aviation fuel sold in Sweden in 2021. The reduction level will be 0.8% in 2021, and gradually increase to 27% in 2030.

Earlier this year, Norway introduced a 0.5% biofuel blending mandate. There will be enough capacity on the market to supply the anticipated volumes of sustainable aviation fuel to Sweden and Norway.

Finland-based Neste is already producing commercial scale volumes of Neste MY Sustainable Aviation Fuel, refined from renewable waste and residue raw materials. In its neat form and over the lifecycle, the fuel can reduce up to 80% of greenhouse gas emissions compared to fossil jet fuel.

Neste’s sustainable aviation fuel annual capacity is currently 100,000 tons. With Neste’s Singapore refinery expansion on the way, and with possible additional investment into the Rotterdam refinery, Neste will have the capacity to produce some 1.5 million tons of sustainable aviation fuel annually by 2023.



Higher blends of renewable jet fuel reduces fossil carbon emissions.


Hydrogen blends might be a good start to 100 % hydrogen usage for aircraft.

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