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Weichai Westport secures Chinese certification for WP12 natural gas engine powered by HPDI 2.0

Westport Fuel Systems Inc. announced that its Weichai Westport Inc. (WWI) joint venture has received certification from the Ministry of Ecology and Environment of China (MEE) for the 12-liter engine equipped with the HPDI 2.0TM fuel system (WP12HPDI).

WWI is now in a position to market and sell the heavy-duty natural gas engines with HPDI technology to various truck original equipment manufacturers. Weichai Power Co., Ltd’s 12-liter heavy-duty engine platform is the base engine for the WP12HPDI.

As per the terms of the earlier announced development and supply agreement, Westport Fuel Systems will supply critical HPDI 2.0 components to WWI, each of which is required for every engine equipped with HPDI and sold by WWI. Weichai Power and WWI are affiliates of the Weichai Holding Group Co., Ltd.


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