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Karma Automotive announces first all-electrtic vehicle and new GS Series name

Karma Automotive will be introducing a new name for a family of vehicles in 2021 called the GS Series. The lineup will include updated electrification options, technological advancements and Karma’s first battery-electric (BEV) luxury sedan.

The series will offer:

  • Multiple performance modes

  • Multiple electrification powertrain options up to 100kWh

  • All-aluminum composite construction

  • DC fast charging

  • Blended three-mode regenerative braking system

  • One pedal driving

To facilitate orders, Karma created a new pre-reservation order site. For a fully-refundable $100 deposit, interested individuals can reserve a place in line. The GS lineup will retain the same exotic design of the Revero to continue with the brand’s legacy but will include technological advancements and a price point that will help bring new customers into the brand, the company said.


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