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Otonomo’s new self-serve platform and API deliver quick and secure access to aggregated car data

Automotive data services platform provider Otonomo announced the release of its self-serve platform and API, which provide online access to real-time and historical aggregated connected car data—an industry first.

Each day, Otonomo makes available more than four billion connected car data points from millions of cars in more than 70 countries. The resulting normalized data, which meets data privacy regulations, enables auto and auto-adjacent service providers to power traffic management, mapping, parking, smart city, EV management, financial services and many other solutions.

The Otonomo Self-Serve Platform and API, the most recent additions to Otonomo’s data services, are the best data match for start-ups and developers looking for hassle-free, quick access to either real-time or historic-quality car data.

Our new self-serve data platform eliminates the complexity usually associated with car data. With Otonomo’s self-serve data tools, there is no lengthy legal process, no complicated data extraction tools required and no cost for the first month. Now, in minutes, analysts, developers and project leaders can access and use rich connected car data.

—Ben Volkow, founder and CEO of Otonomo

The Otonomo Self-Serve Platform offers many features such as easy-to-use geofencing, dynamic filtering, configurable APIs and visual data report generation capabilities, enabling developers to tailor the car data to their needs.

Highlighted features include:

  • Easy Access: providing easy access to the data; via API, visual query builder, and geo-fencing UI.

  • Data Normalization: making the data easily understood and in the same format across all manufacturers.

  • Data Cleansing and Sanity: fixing and eliminating erroneous data to improve the quality of the data and query results.

  • Dynamic Filtering and Aggregation: supporting aggregation and filtering capabilities so data consumers can find the data they want.

  • Scalability: as more connected cars hit the road, data platforms need to be able to quickly scale to support processing of billions of data points in real time.

Connected cars are undeniably one of the biggest things in IoT, literally and figuratively. Cars and their multitude of sensors generate data in volumes comparable to a spacecraft. Otonomo’s connected data already supports a wide variety of services. By making our car data easily accessible online, Otonomo is enabling rapid innovation among the growing ecosystem of emerging application areas.

—Matan Tessler, vice president of product at Otonomo


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