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Solaris Bus & Coach has signed a contract with public transport operator Freiburger Verkehrs AG for the supply of 15 electric buses: five 12-meter Solaris Urbino 12 electric and ten 18-meter articulated Urbino 18 electric.


The commissioned Urbino will be equipped with Solaris High Power batteries. Batteries with a total nominal capacity of 180 kWh will be installed in the articulated vehicles, whereas in the shorter buses energy will be stored in batteries with a total nominal capacity of over 150 kWh.

In both Urbino models, the recharging can be performed in fast mode thanks to the pantograph positioned on the roof of each vehicle. It will be also possible to recharge the batteries using a conventional plug-in system. An electric axle with two integrated electric motors of 125 kW each will ensure a smooth ride.

Travel comfort of passengers and the driver will be provided by a novel air conditioning system with a heat pump. 34 people can be seated on board of the Urbino 12 electric bus at a time. The Urbino 18 electric, on the other hand, will have 46 seats available to passengers.

All buses commissioned by Freiburg will have USB ports installed both in the driver’s cabin and also in the passenger compartment; these ports will enable the recharging of mobile devises while on deck. A video surveillance system as well as a modern passenger information system installed aboard each bus will improve passengers’ comfort and safety.

Drivers will benefit from a series of solutions supporting their work and improving the road safety. For example, in lieu of conventional side mirrors, the bus will feature cameras and adequately positioned screens that will ensure not only better visibility in bright sunlight but also in rain and at night.

The first Solaris buses made it to Freiburg in 2016. Solaris is a European leader in the sales and production of zero-emission buses. The company has supplied to or contracted more than 230 electric buses to its German clients so far.


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