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Ballard and MAHLE to collaborate on fuel cell propulsion systems for heavy- and medium-duty trucks

Ballard Power Systems and MAHLE have agreed to collaborate on the development and commercialization of zero-emission fuel cell systems to provide primary propulsion power in various classes of commercial trucks.


MAHLE’s commercial vehicle division supplies a broad range of products to truck and other OEMs, including power cells, valves and camshafts, engine cooling components, fuel and oil management systems, electronics and mechatronics. MAHLE components are present in half of all the vehicles on the world’s roads.

MAHLE has been a series supplier for fuel cell vehicles for more than a decade. The technology group holds a particularly strong position in the complex air intake system and in the temperature control of fuel cell systems, as well as air filter solutions for fuel cells. MAHLE has brought together its fuel cell activities in a project house, where one area of focus is the development of components for fuel cell systems in commercial vehicles.

During the initial development phase, Ballard has prime responsibility for system design and the fuel cell stack sub-system, while MAHLE’s scope of responsibility includes balance-of-plant components, thermal management and power electronics for the complete fuel cell system, or engine, as well as system assembly.

MAHLE brings a number of key attributes to the collaboration, including:

  • Extensive experience within the commercial truck value chain;

  • Vast expertise in the field of peripheral fuel cell components;

  • Supply chain muscle;

  • High-volume production expertise;

  • Long-standing relationships with multiple commercial truck, and other, OEMs;

  • After-sales service infrastructure; and

  • A highly respected global brand.

The collaboration is subject to completion of definitive documents.


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