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Monthly changes in key transportation indexes

Developed and periodically updated by Michael Sivak, Sivak Applied Research.
Last updated on November 16, 2020.
The new values since the previous update are in blue.

The changes are in percent relative to the corresponding month in 2019. They are adjusted for both population and 2020 being a leap year (all but price of gasoline) and for inflation (price of gasoline).

Month-year Road Air
Sales of cars and light trucks Price of gasoline Vehicle miles traveled Revenue passenger miles (domestic)
Jan-2020 0 +11 +2 +6
Feb-2020 +4 +3 -2 +3
Mar-2020 -38 -13 -19 -51
Apr-2020 -46 -34 -40 -96
May-2020 -30 -35 -26 -89
Jun-2020 -27 -24 -14 -80
Jul-2020 -12 -21 -12 -72
Aug-2020 -20 -18 -13 -69
Sep-2020 +5 -17 -9  
Oct-2020 0 -19    


Sources of the underlying data:

Bureau of Economic Analysis (sales of cars and light trucks)
Energy Information Administration (price of gasoline)
Federal Highway Administration (vehicle miles traveled)
Bureau of Transportation Statistics (air revenue passenger miles)
Census Bureau (population)
Bureau of Labor Statistics (Consumer Price Index)

Data for recent months are occasionally updated in the underlying data sources, possibly resulting in small changes to recent values.


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