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EPA to award up to $73M for Clean Diesel Projects

The US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced more than $73 million in grants and funding expected to be awarded to support numerous clean diesel programs and projects across the country at the state and local level.

More than $50 million in Diesel Emissions Reduction Act (DERA) National Grants Program funding is expected to be awarded to implement projects aimed at reducing diesel emissions from the nation’s existing fleet of old engines and vehicles. Additionally, EPA anticipates providing approximately $23.5 million under DERA’s 2020 State Grants program to 48 states and four territories to implement their own diesel emissions reduction programs.

Over the last three years during the Trump Administration, EPA will have awarded about $300 million in grants and rebates to modernize the diesel fleet and speed the turnover to cleaner on- and off-road heavy-duty trucks and equipment.

Much of this assistance has been provided to help better protect areas of poor air quality and areas of highly concentrated diesel pollution, such as ports and distribution centers.

To support the Administrator’s clean air goals, the agency anticipates awarding these grants once all legal and administrative requirements are satisfied. So far in 2020, EPA has finalized awards for 41 clean diesel projects and programs. The agency anticipates completing additional awards throughout the rest of the year.



No such thing as 'clean diesel.' It a greenwash term.T he only way to prevent pollution from diesels is stop putting them on the road. And, one way is to replace them with Electric trucks. Hurry up Tesla!


No vehicle technology is truly "clean." Diesel technology is as "clean" as any other tech, including electric.

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