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Operator Miejski Zakład Komunikacji (MZK) in Toruń, Poland, has bought six Solaris electric buses. The vehicles, which will enter into service in about 18 months, will be recharged by day using fast pantograph chargers deployed in three locations in the city; at night they will be charged at the bus depot at Legionów street.


These will be the city’s first electric buses. The contract includes an option of increasing the order by a further two buses.

The Urbino 12 electric will feature a range of amenities for passengers and drivers. The buses will be fully low-floor, which means they will be easily accessible for people with reduced mobility, but also those travelling with prams or pushchairs.

The air-conditioned vehicles will feature a passenger information system with voice announcement and video surveillance. Ticket vending machines will be available on deck. Passengers of the Urbino 12 electric will be able to use wireless Internet and to recharge mobile devices, using USB chargers placed in handrails.

An enclosed driver cabin, spanning the whole vehicle width and complete with two doors, will provide safety and comfort for the driver. This solution is particularly important today, because it facilitates social distancing needed during the coronavirus pandemic.

The e-buses for Toruń will be fitted with Solaris High Power batteries adapted to fast, high power charging. The electric axle has two integrated motors of 125 kW each.

Picturesque Toruń, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, has decided to build a new charging infrastructure in the city. 400 kW pantograph chargers will be placed at bus termini: at the University, at the Św. Katarzyna square near the old town in Toruń, and at Dziewulskiego street. At night the energy in the batteries of the e-buses will be recharged by six chargers of 120 kW, all located at the bus depot.

More than 120 Solaris vehicles are already deployed in the city to serve public transport. In September, the management of MZK in Toruń placed an order for another 8 Urbino 12 buses fitted with Euro 6 standard-compliant engines, due to roll out on the city streets in May 2021.


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