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EC launches European Raw Materials Alliance; initial focus on rare earth and magnet value chains

The European Commission has launched the European Raw Materials Alliance (ERMA) as part of an Action Plan on Critical Raw Materials. Initial focus will be rare earth and magnet value chains before extending to other raw materials required for Europe's green and digital transitions.

ERMA will be managed by EIT Raw Materials and overseen by the European Commission in the context of a secure and sustainable access to critical raw materials being considered a key enabler for delivering the European Green Deal.

To achieve its goals, ERMA will target deliverables such as an inclusive stakeholder consultation process, support EU industrial policy to mitigate regulatory and financing bottlenecks, set up a Raw Materials Investment Platform to stimulate investment into key projects, and promote public awareness and acceptance on the role of critical raw materials and their role in the transition to a green and digital economy.

The deliverables will be targeted through two workstreams: value chain-specific consultation processes and an investment channel for raw materials projects.

  • The consultation processes will primarily address raw material challenges along industrial ecosystems, provide tailored solutions to industry needs and unlock regulatory bottlenecks.

  • The investment channel will select and prioritize cases to secure primary and secondary raw materials supply for European industrial ecosystems, launch a platform to bring investors and investees together, define case-specific financing strategies and mechanisms and assess EU funding opportunities and financing sources for investment opportunities inside and outside Europe.


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