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Hino Trucks announces Project Z for Class 4-8 zero emission trucks; fuel-cell and battery-electric

Hino Trucks announced Project Z, the company’s development path to zero emissions vehicles, ranging from class 4 to class 8. In a live virtual event, Hino showcased the line-up of zero emissions trucks, partnering with technology leaders in advanced electrification drive systems.


The ZEV products ranged from a class 5 on a SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a on a Hino M5 chassis, up to a Hino XL Series class 8 tractor powered by Toyota’s Fuel Cell system (earlier post).

Additionally, Hino featured a battery-electric class 7 tractor with Hexagon Purus’ full electric drive system, and a Hino XL Series class 8 box truck powered by Xos Trucks’ X-Pack battery and electric drive system. For the battery electric vehicles, Hino will look at both central drive motors and e-axles.

Our holistic approach to working with technology leaders like Toyota, Hexagon Purus and Xos will result in a sustainable, low-cost product line up that will meet the needs of our customers as our industry moves forward to zero emission vehicles. For customers ready to move in that direction now, the SEA Electric SEA-Drive 120a paired with a Hino M Series chassis is commercially available today.

—Glenn Ellis – Senior Vice President of Customer Experience

Hino Trucks Project Z will consist of demonstration vehicles the first half of 2021, customer demonstrations in 2022, and production prior to 2024.

Over the coming months Hino Trucks will unveil more granular details about the technologies and vehicles to come out of Project Z.


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