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Loop Energy, a hydrogen fuel cell company providing solutions for the commercial vehicle markets, announced that Skywell New Energy Vehicles Group (Skywell) received index approval from China’s Ministry of Industry & Information and Technology (MIIT) for a zero-emission public transport bus powered by Loop Energy’s fuel cell systems.

Manufactured with Loop Energy signature eFlow fuel cell stacks, the systems were supplied to Skywell by InPower Renewable Energy—Loop’s partner in a China-based fuel cell engine manufacturing joint venture. InPower has also provided a purpose-designed DC-DC solution for the vehicle.

eFlow-powered products optimize air flow in a fuel cell, thereby increasing efficiency and durability, resulting in improved power, performance and cost. Loop fuel cell stacks provide increased power output, smaller package size, and 30-40% less material capital cost than competitive fuel cells.

This development signifies a major advancement of the previously announced cooperation between Loop Energy, In-Power and Skywell targeting the roll out of hydrogen electric buses as a part of Lishui District, Nanjing transit bus fleet.

Skywell’s newly released model NJ6106FCEV 10.5m bus is manufactured by the company’s subsidiary Nanjing Golden Dragon Bus Co., Ltd. The vehicle is equipped with a heavy-duty 50kW fuel cell engine, has a range of 450 kilometers with Loop’s signature high fuel efficiency eFlow technology and can eliminate more than 100 tonnes of c O2emitted per diesel bus annually. The vehicle can be found in MIIT’s Catalogue of Recommended New Energy Vehicles, Batch 9, 2020.

The approval signifies achievement of the mandated National Fuel Consumption Standard required for all new commercial heavy-duty vehicles sold in China. As a result, Skywell hydrogen electric buses with Loop Energy fuel cell engines are now ready for large-scale commercial deployment in China.

Loop Energy has developed the most practical and efficient fuel engine solution that will not impact the payload, range, or refueling time of our zero-emission vehicles. They will be the obvious first choice as a supply partner as we look to deploy similar sustainable fuel cell solutions across a wide range of our specialty and commercial vehicles including logistics trucks, dump trucks, refuse trucks, port vehicles, transit buses, street cleaners, and emergency vehicles.

—Zou Ran (Joanna), Director of External Affairs & Brand of Skywell New Energy Vehicles Group


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