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Mayor of London launches new heavy vehicle scrappage scheme

The Mayor of London launched a new scrappage scheme targeting heavy vehicles—some of the most polluting vehicles in London—in advance of the tighter Low Emission Zone (LEZ) standards, which will come into force on 1 March 2021.

The scheme offers grants of £15,000 (US$19,400) to scrap a heavy vehicle and replace it with a compliant vehicle, or to retrofit diesel vehicles up to the cleanest Euro VI standards.

The heavy vehicle scrappage scheme follows the successful program for small businesses and charities to scrap older, more polluting vans and minibuses. The van scrappage scheme ran for 18 months and has committed enough support to take 5,000 polluting vehicles off London’s roads and  helped small businesses and charities become Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) compliant.

The existing LEZ emissions standards set a limit for how much particulate matter (PM) a vehicle can emit in its exhaust gases. The new LEZ standards will require heavy vehicles to meet the cleanest Euro VI emissions standards for both PM and Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) in order to avoid the daily charge, rather than the Euro IV standard currently required of vehicles of this type. These standards were previously set to come in at the end of October 2020 but, in response to the impact of the pandemic, were delayed for at least four months. Following a review, it is now confirmed that they will come in on 1 March 2021.


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