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GKN Automotive, Tata to establish advanced global e-mobility software engineering center in India

GKN Automotive, a global leader in automotive technologies, is partnering with Tata Technologies, a global engineering and product development digital services company, to establish and set up an advanced global e-mobility software engineering center in India.

The new center, based in Bengaluru, will utilize Tata Technology’s expertise in electric and embedded systems and its ability to attract India’s software engineering talent. A widespread recruitment drive has now started to attract talent to develop GKN Automotive’s next-generation e-Drive technologies. Once established and fully operational it will become a dedicated GKN Automotive facility.

Following delays brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, the new software engineering center was completed in just six months and houses a design studio and laboratories. By the end of the year it will be home to more than 100 engineers and support staff.


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