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Solid Power produces and delivers 10-layer 2Ah all solid-state lithium metal cells

Solid Power announced the production and delivery of the company’s first-generation multi-layer, multi-ampere hour (Ah) all solid-state lithium metal cells. Solid Power’s sulfide-based all solid-state lithium metal batteries are manufactured using lithium-ion industry standard processes and automated equipment. Every cell that Solid Power produces is free of any liquid or gel.

These first-generation 10-layer 2Ah pouch cells were manufactured using Solid Power’s MWh-scale, roll-to-roll pilot line. In Q3 2020, both pilot line cells and solid electrolytes were successfully validated by multiple OEM partners & Tier 1 cell suppliers.

Solid Power’s pilot production line is designed to mimic existing Li-ion production lines by using identical mixing, coating, calender densification and stacking processes and equipment allowing for seamless scaling efforts.

Solid Power’s approach to processing and manufacturing optimization has resulted in cell performance improvements with cell resistance halved between Q2 and Q3 that has enabled:

  • Successful room temperature operation

  • Higher rate performance with discharge rates up to 5C

Solid Power has so far shipped more than 250 prototype all solid-state cells and will produce and deliver several hundred additional cells to key strategic partners by the end of the year.



That electrolyte is based on successful work done before.
They could not make it at a lower cost, now maybe they can.

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