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Cummins has signed a multi-year agreement with digital engineering simulation company Ansys. The collaboration allows Cummins engineers to leverage Ansys’ simulation and data management tools to expedite the design and manufacture of engines with increased thermal efficiency and improved fuel economy.

Cummins engineers are using Ansys’ next-generation simulation process and data management (SPDM) platform and physics-based digital twins to speed digital transformation.

Incorporating SPDM will help Cummins engineers achieve significantly faster throughput on simulation engineering workflows; make product design decisions much sooner; drive tighter collaboration among globally distributed teams; and increase productivity to create advanced engines with more favorable environmental attributes.

Leveraging physics-based digital twins will help engineers make confident product health management decisions that reduce the cost and risk of unplanned downtime and improve product development processes.

Cummins continues to support its customers by investing in R&D to ensure next-generation engines are more fuel efficient than ever. A key R&D partner for more than 25 years, Ansys has accelerated our digital transformation and ingrained simulation into the DNA of our company, enabling us to rapidly and accurately deliver engines with improved emissions profiles and other environmental attributes.

This new agreement introduces leading-edge tools which will help us develop a shared knowledge infrastructure, explore a larger design space, virtually validate products, improve engine quality and reduce development costs.

—Wayne Eckerle, vice president, Research and Technology, Cummins Inc.


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