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Element 1 Corp licenses methanol-based M-Series hydrogen generator technology to RIX Industries

Element 1 Corp (e1) has licensed its proprietary methanol-based M-Series hydrogen generator technology to RIX Industries (RIX). The compact M-Series was designed to displace stored compressed hydrogen to support fuel cell propulsion applications.

As the M-Series produces low-pressure hydrogen which is consumed by the fuel cell, almost no hydrogen is actually stored on the vehicle, reducing regulatory hurdles.

Under the terms of the license agreement, RIX has been granted non-exclusive rights to manufacture and deploy e1’s M-Series onboard hydrogen generators for use in fuel cell mobility applications, including marine vessels and off-road vehicles such as mining trucks, tractors, and heavy-lift trucks in both North America and Europe.

e1 is delighted and privileged to be collaborating with RIX. They are a first-class manufacturing partner and a long-time authorized supplier to multiple branches of the US military along with a wide range of commercial and industrial end-users. The onboard hydrogen generation technology being licensed to RIX is unique to e1 and is highly enabling to the mass commercialization of fuel cell systems for a wide variety of transportation-related fuel cell applications.

—Dr. David Edlund, e1 CEO

The onboard storage of methanol used by e1’s hydrogen generators requires a fraction of the space on a maritime vessel as compared to compressed hydrogen, enabling a significantly greater range between fueling. This range extension is critical for not only marine vessels but also for heavy and medium-duty fuel cell trucks traveling long distances each day.



Methanol is cheap compared with other fuels, can be made renewable.


But when it is renewable, it is not cheap.


SPOT PRICE 10/12/20 EH $1.40

SPOT PRICE RBOB Gasoline $1.2032


You make bio methanol from RNG, cheap.

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