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Volkswagen is ramping up its hybrid offensive. The Touareg is now available to order in two different plug-in hybrid versions: the Touareg eHybrid and the Touareg R. Both variants are characterized by an electric range of up to 47 kilometers (WLTP) and low average consumptions.


Touareg eHybrid (left) and Touareg R (right)

The SUV range starts with the new Touareg eHybrid with system power of 280 kW (381 PS). This version is designed for a high level of travel comfort and can be configured in the two equipment lines Atmosphere and Elegance. Price in Germany: from €72,378 (US$85,000). Those who prefer a much sportier setup and sporty equipment to match will choose the Touareg R. With system power of 340 kW (462 PS), it is the most powerful model in the product line and of the brand. The Touareg R is available in Germany from €84,660 (US$99,500).

The two all-wheel-driven plug-in hybrid SUVs both feature a high level of efficiency, the familiar good all-round characteristics of the Touareg, and significantly enhanced standard equipment. This includes a 4-zone automatic air conditioner, the Innovision Cockpit with digital instruments, the Discover Premium top navigation system and a panoramic sliding/tilting roof. The Touareg R is also equipped as standard with the interactive IQ.LIGHT – LED matrix headlights.

Plug-in hybrid models are suited for the typical usage patterns of car drivers. In Germany, for example, the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) found that 99% of all trips in the most populous country of Europe are shorter than 100 kilometers. For these distances, the plug-in hybrid drive with a charged battery (energy content: 14.3 kWh net, 17.9 kWh gross) stands out with particularly low fuel and energy consumption: 2.6 l/100 km and 24.2 kWh/100 km (Touareg eHybrid) and 2.7 l/100 km and 24.4 kWh/100 km (Touareg R) – WLTP values in each case.

The plug-in hybrid drives of both Touareg models also show off their great potential on long journeys because the battery is continuously recharged a little while driving via brake energy recuperation. This energy is sufficient for the Touareg eHybrid and Touareg R to repeatedly completely switch off the V6 engine when decelerating and on downhill stretches, so that they coast with zero local emissions.

The interplay of electric drive motor and six-cylinder engine is optimized with the predictive hybrid strategy of the models. Both Touareg models use GPS and the map data of the navigation system to also achieve extremely economical consumption values on medium and long distances. For this, the SUVs integrate the route data in the hybrid control. The Touareg eHybrid and Touareg R thus permit combined ranges of up to 810 kilometers (498 miles).

Both the Touareg eHybrid and Touareg R are designed for a maximum trailer weight of 3.5 tonnes, which is exceptionally high for hybrid models (also possible for all-electric driving).


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