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Canada awards $1.2M to GreenNano to scale up wood-fiber composite for use in automotive; collaboration with Ford

The Government of Canada is awarding $1.2 million to GreenNano Technologies Inc. (GNT), a company based in Toronto, to scale up production of a new lightweight wood-fiber–based composite material to create automotive parts using an innovative process.



Cam covers made at GNT.

The project will combine wood pulp with polymers to create a special strong and lightweight thermoplastic with more uniform and improved properties compared to other products. The new product, if successfully applied in the automotive sector, could have a number of consumer and commercial applications, including aerospace parts, pharmaceuticals, solar panels and cosmetics.

GreenNano is also collaborating with Ford Canada’s Power Engineering Research and Development Center, located in Windsor, Ontario, to test the new material in the production of lightweight car parts.

Funding for this project is provided through the Investments in Forest Industry Transformation program, which encourages the Canadian forest sector to adopt and implement unique technologies and processes to diversify into new product streams and into emerging markets.



Cool, they can do incredible things with wood, nowadays.
Here are some wooden skyscrapers, for instance.

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