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Teijin joins AZL Partner Network for Lightweight Production Technology

Teijin has joined the AZL Partner Network for Lightweight Production Technology, a cross-industry network for joint business development and technology development organized by service and engineering provider AZL Aachen GmbH and involving nine institutes and some 80 companies in the field of lightweight production.

The network is launching one of their many joint projects today—an eight-month project to develop and manufacture multi-material battery enclosures for electric vehicles.


The 8-month project will provide an overview of existing solutions for battery casings, evaluate the advantages of multi-material approaches, derive component design and production concepts and evaluate them in terms of performance and cost. A component concept will be elaborated in detail. © AZL Aachen GmbH

Amid the ongoing shift toward connected, autonomous, shared, and electric (CASE) automobiles, automotive companies are transforming their business models to realize more lightweight and multifunctional next-generation vehicles. The objectives of the cross-industry AZL Partner Network for Lightweight Production Technology align closely with Teijin’s vision and goals of developing lightweight materials and components for these next generation vehicles. Through the participation in this project as well as two more projects, The Teijin Group will accelerate its automotive composite expertise.revp

Teijin acquired Continental Structural Plastics Holding Corporation (CSP) in 2017 to become a Tier 1 supplier of multi-material automotive composites. CSP’s French operation is installing a new sheet molding compound line.

Teijin also acquired leading automotive-composite suppliers Inapal Plásticos SA of Portugal and Benet Automotive s.r.o of Czech Republic. The combined capabilities of Teijin’s composites businesses have resulted in collaborative initiatives that leverage each company’s unique strengths.

For example, last year Teijin developed a multi-material composite door that meets crash regulations while reducing weight compared to that of conventional steel doors. Also, Teijin established Teijin Automotive Center Europe GmbH (TACE) this past February as a base for developing technical functions using the group's automotive composites to strengthen and accelerate its conceptualization, designing, prototyping, evaluation, marketing and technical research of next-generation automotive components.

In particular, TACE is helping to combine the Teijin Group’s diverse capabilities in multi-material solutions utilizing its expertise, experiences and also new ideas in materials including carbon fibers and aramids for next-generation vehicles.

AZL Aachen GmbH specializes in composite-based lightweight production and offers cross-industry services for business development and technology development. The engineering and service portfolio includes the identification of business opportunities and market potential for lightweight construction technologies, the development of components, production processes and production systems including cost assessments and support for commercialization by identifying partners, suppliers and customers.


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