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Danish ride-hailing service Viggo orders 300 Fisker Ocean EVs

Viggo, a technology-driven Danish ride-hailing service, has ordered 300 Fisker Ocean electric SUVs, marking Viggo’s largest single order to date.

Viggo, founded in 2019, is aiming to challenge the standards for urban transportation through advanced data-driven innovation, zero-emission cars and Scandinavian simplicity. Since founding, Viggo has built a network of more than 55 (100 projected by the end of the year) electric cars and delivered more than 100,000 rides. The company will expand into Norway in 2021. The 300 Fisker Ocean all-electric luxury SUVs, to be delivered Q4 2022, will be a strong part of their Scandinavian expansion.

Viggo’s focus is on business users and has brought many large multinational companies into its customer/user base.

Fisker recently announced a strategic cooperation with Magna International supporting the co- development and manufacture of the Fisker Ocean SUV, projected to launch in Q4 2022. The Ocean will be assembled by Magna in Europe and is poised to deliver class-leading range, functional interior space with third-row seating and overall vehicle performance.



Let Fisker hit the road . It is all talk till date...


Fisker will have Magna make them, this could work.

Alex Gambler

In fact, a fairly large amount of money was allocated for this, but the article was interesting to me, thanks.
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