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SmartSens, a China-based high-performance CMOS image sensing (CIS) chip design company, launched its SC133GS CMOS 1.3M pixel CMOS sensor with global shutter and fan-out package to further enhance performance in automotive settings. The solution delivers superior signal-to-noise ratio, ultra-high sensitivity, and excellent dynamic range to address growing demand for intelligent in-vehicle technology and smart car applications such as driver monitoring systems (DMS).

DMS systems equipped with the SC133GS can monitor driver attentiveness by tracking face and head movements during vehicle operation. The solution facilitates identification of eyelid closure, blinking, gaze direction, yawning, and head movements—all of which can indicate dangerous situations that precede potential road hazards and accidents. The real-time feedback and data from the SC133GS can be used to trigger alerts and warnings for the driver and vehicle occupants.

In low-light driving environments, the sensor’s ultra-high sensitivity (QE @ 940 nm > 40%), which is capable of reading near-infrared light, offers unprecedented visibility of vehicle occupants.

Combined with a high 120 fps frame rate and single-frame HDR technology that has garnered numerous industry awards to provide real-time images with clearly visible light and dark details, the sensor can accurately capture the most subtle changes in occupants’ movements—such as dropping eyelids and downward tilting of the head. The result is high-quality and undistorted information for intelligent recognition systems to improve overall safety.

SC133GS samples are now available.


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