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HORIBA introduces new driving robot to increase test cycle efficiency; CASE vehicles

HORIBA has introduced the automatic driving system ADS EVO, which is a driving robot for vehicle testing. The ADS EVO improves the efficiency of vehicle testing by reducing the number of repeat tests, laboratory operating costs, overall test time and the amount of human errors.

The ADS EVO addresses changing industry needs for testing connected, autonomous, shared and electric (CASE) vehicles and complies with new emission regulations such as post-Euro 6.


The need for testing CASE vehicles adds additional development to already stressed R&D projects and the ADS EVO assists in adding man-hours available for vehicle testing.

The test driver workforce has been decreasing and the requirements for chassis testing has been increasing, with the ADS EVO, HORIBA customers are able to complete more tests and increase their test cell efficiency. Our goal at HORIBA is to enable customers to maintain development schedules by delivering products that contribute to running test facilities efficiently.

—Kazuki Furukawa, global product owner of ADS EVO

The ADS EVO features easy set-up with the ISOFIX fitting which is the international standard for attachment of child safety seat and is self-contained in its own cart for easy storage. The software for the driving robot has a learning function that eliminates needs for adjustments when a vehicle changes. In addition, it assists in testing for long test cycles with repeatable results and complies with the 6 indicators from the SAE J2951 standard.


Drive quality metrics (J2951), ADS EVO vs human.

HORIBA has offered driving robots to the automotive market for more than 28 years beginning with the 1992 and more recently the ADS-7000. The ADS EVO is part of HORIBA’s RDE+ solution and is available in every region.

RDE+ is a ‘road-to-rig’ solution that brings the real-world into the laboratory which, when combined with virtual-domain simulation and validation, enables RDE development to be completed more quickly and accurately than before.


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