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TRATON SE (formerly Volkswagen Truck & Bus) and Hino Motors, Ltd. signed a joint venture agreement for e-mobility in order to plan and provide e-mobility products that will be based on the two companies’ strategic partnership. (Earlier post.)

TRATON and Hino will combine their unique strengths to develop electric vehicles including battery electric vehicles (BEV), fuel cell vehicles (FCV), and relevant components as well as creating common EV platforms including software and interfaces.

They will form a team of advanced specialists from both companies and launch activities in Södertälje (Sweden) and in a second step in Tokyo (Japan). TRATON and Hino will team up to shorten lead times for future e-mobility products with battery and fuel cell technology. The two companies are convinced that both technologies will be needed in the future.

In 2018, Hino and TRATON signed an agreement aiming for a mutually beneficial strategic long-term partnership. They established a procurement joint venture in 2019, and have now solidified their collaboration in e-mobility. Both companies have agreed to explore each other’s capabilities and investigate further possibilities to collaborate in other future fields of technology.


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