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BASF markets new Licity anode binders for Li-ion batteries

BASF has developed a new anode binder series for Li-ion battery manufacturing. The new Licity binders combine improved battery performance with sustainability features.

BASF’s Licity product range for lithium-ion battery binders are suitable for pure graphite as well as silicon-containing anodes. Licity lithium-ion battery binders help to prevent electrode swelling, thus enabling higher battery capacities. Licity lithium-ion battery binders also enhance performance in low temperature environments where Li-ion batteries traditionally do not perform well, BASF said.

Irrespective of focus, all Licity binders enable higher capacity, increased number of charge / discharge cycles and reduced charging times.

Additionally, Licity binders enhance performance in low temperature environments, provide superior adhesion to collector foil and high compatibility with a broad range of active materials, BASF said. Moreover, they can be customized to meet customers’ needs.

Licity binders are waterborne, carboxylated styrene butadiene copolymers with very low VOC content. Furthermore, CO2 can be saved when Licity products are manufactured according to the biomass balance approach. In this binder version, biomass is fed into BASF’s production process and allocated to the binder. From the raw materials to the delivery of the Licity anode binders, BASF is committed to aligning economic goals with environmental and social responsibility.


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