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Saietta Group wins APC grant to bring production of axial flux traction electric motor to 150k units per year

UK-based tech company Saietta has won a major grant, through the UK’s Advanced Propulsion Center (APC) that will fast-track the first stage of the production process ramp-up for its innovative Axial Flux Traction (AFT) electric motor.


Saietta says that its unique AFT technology delivers class-leading performance at the price points required for mass market adoption. The APC research contract will enable Saietta to ramp up production capacity to 150,000 motors per year and trigger the hiring of 150-250 highly skilled engineers in the first round of recruitment.

Saietta will work closely with UK-based specialists Brandauer and AEV on refining the process for core motor component manufacturing and motor assembly, thereby delivering a cost effective, highly automated production process.


Unlike radial flux motors with a cylindrical rotor turning within a cylindrical stator, axial flux motors use a disc-like rotor sandwiched between two (or facing one) disc-like stator(s). Advantages to this type of motor design include higher torque density; better cooling due to higher contact area; high efficiency due to lower cooling losses; and better overload capacity.

With class-leading torque, power and efficiency combined with the compact, light-weight structure, and a design optimized for mass manufacture, Saietta’s AFT technology delivers across a wide range of price points.

The global market has reacted extremely positively to AFT, with multiple EV product sectors valuing its benefits, as well as other applications including marine and wind turbines.

The project is intended to deliver significant increases in capacity and capability within the UK electric motors supply chain that are necessary for the decarbonization of transport. It will put the UK at the forefront of high value axial flux motor manufacture, creating jobs and increasing revenues across the supply chain, which is closely aligned with the objectives of the UK Industrial Strategy.



Hiring "150-250 highly skilled engineers" to make 150 k units / year ?
I assume they mean hiring 150-250 technicians and operators (and a few engineers).


Saietta Group is a company with origins going back over 30 years, most outside of the UK have never known. Unless you know motorbikes or the history of the Lynch Motor. In 2015, Saietta Motorcycles merged with the Agni Motor company to form the Saeitta Group. Saietta won the first electric TT at the Isle of Man in 2009, and also created the high-performance NGS electric superbike.
Axial flux motors have excellent performance, e.g. the YASA electric motors used by both Rolls Royce and Ferrari. So good luck to Saietta if it can achieve low cost objectives.


They need to put some numbers on torque and horsepower,
"...class-leading torque, power..." is a bit vague.

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